We launch with a competition…

Starts 1st September 2019

Deadline 1st December 2019

PRIZES for individuals, schools and families to be announced


Early Years

We know that gender stereotyping impacts as soon as babies are born so we are thrilled to be illustrating how parents and teachers are #SmashingStereotypes here! Get inspired or join in!

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Primary Schools

Incredible teachers, schools, extra-curricular groups and families are #SmashingStereotypes are leading the way here - have a look, join our competition and share your awesome ideas, activities, creations and thoughts here!

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Secondary Schools

#SmashingStereotypes your way! We want your views, ideas, creations, productions, multimedia texts, examples of your clubs - EVERYTHING! Individuals, groups, schools or whomever! Let’s get to it!

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Here we expect the most advanced work - digital productions, thought-pieces, however you think we should be all #SmashingStereotypes We want you to TEACH us!

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